Reports of Rare Birds

One of the most frequent questions to the Records Commitee is simply "How many records of XXX have been accepted?" The answer to that is easy to see in this report. Until older (pre-2000) records have all been entered, you may need to check this PDF of older records to get a complete count. Select a species to get started and then explore some of the other reports in the menu bar.

6 total accepted records; current status is Accidental
Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

1993-CL Purple Gallinule< 1870unknownBlack Hawk1
1993-CM Purple Gallinule< 1879unknownBlack Hawk1
1993-CN Purple Gallinule1891unknownFloyd1
1993-CO Purple Gallinule< 1907unknownBlack Hawk1
1993-CP Purple Gallinule9 Sep 1915Charles CityFloyd1
1993-CQ Purple GallinuleSP 1915Des MoinesPolk1
1993-CR Purple Gallinule13 May 1937Cedar FallsBlack Hawk1
1993-CS Purple Gallinule7 May 1964Cone MarshLouisa1
1993-CT Purple GallinuleSU 1974OttumwaWapello1
1993-CU Purple Gallinule10 May 1975Promise CityWayne1
1993-CV Purple Gallinule22 May 1978AmesStory2
1983-02 Purple Gallinule17 - 28 May 1983South AmanaIowa6
1993-HV Purple Gallinule24 May - 28 Jun 1988BurlingtonDes Moines3
1994-11 Purple Gallinule24-29 May 1994Sweet MarshBremer6
2005-AB Purple Gallinuleearly 1900s Kossuth1