Species Added to Iowa List Since 2000

accepted by the Iowa Records Committee

From AOU Splits

  • Cackling Goose - 408 - Summer 2004

From Accepted Records

SpeciesState #DatesCounty
Bar-tailed Godwit4295 Aug 217Marion
White-tailed Kite42818 Apr 2017Howard
Inca Dove42722 Sep 2016Polk
Brown Booby4263 Sep 2015Marion
Glaucous-winged Gull4257 Dec 2013Scott
Broad-billed Hummingbird42425 June 2011Floyd
Pacific Wren42321 Oct 2003Story
Anna's Hummingbird42231 Oct - 25 Nov 2010Polk
Fulvous Whistling-Duck42117 Jul - 8 Sep 1994Clinton
Violet-green Swallow42014 May 2009Sioux
Scott's Oriole4197-16 Apr 2008Emmet
Fork-tailed Flycatcher41820-23 Nov 2007Tama
Black-tailed Gull41717 Nov - 6 Dec 2007Polk
Cave Swallow41626 Oct 2007Polk
Red-breasted Sapsucker4156 Dec 2006Pottawattamie
Mottled Duck4147-11 Jul 2006Polk
Brambling4131-21 Jan 2006Linn
Mexican Violetear41227 Sep - 2 Oct 2005Grundy
Acorn Woodpecker4111 Sep 2005Story
Royal Tern41020-21 Aug 2005Appanoose
Boreal Owl40912 Nov 2004Black Hawk
Baird's Sparrow4084 Jun 2004Cherokee
Hooded Oriole40725 May 2003Buchanan
Crested Caracara40628 Sep 2002Buena Vista
Painted Bunting40512 May 2001Marshall