Reports of Species Not Reviewed

These reports look at Iowa rare birds records with different lenses.
Inca Dove - 2016-36
© Reid Allen

Records classified as "Not Reviewed" have simply not been assigned a record number but are evaluated by the seasonal field reports editors. Significant records may be included in the written seasonal report.

Long-tailed DuckDeere DikeDubuque5/12/2021
Leucistic Red-tailed HawkMarshalltownMarshall5/7/2021
Black-necked StiltMaskunky MarshMahaska5/4/2021
Iceland GullStorm LakeBuena Vista4/28/2021
Spotted TowheeRural WaterlooBlack Hawk1/18/2021
Rose-breasted Grosbeak3838 Hobson Ave., DavenportScott1/16/2021
LeConte's SparrowHancher Auditorium groundsJohnson1/3/2021
DickcisselNorth of 270th St on Vine Ave at feeder.Bremer12/19/2020
Summer Tanager421 Bayard Street, Iowa City, IA 52246Johnson12/4/2020
Red-throated Loon Polk11/18/2020
Yellow-rumped WarblerGlenwood archeological siteMills10/11/2020
White-eyed VireoBrowns LakeWoodbury5/25/2020
Yellow-throated Warbler3262 walnut st colfax, iowaJasper5/15/2020
Swainson's HawkGreen Island WMAJackson4/30/2020
Neotropic CormorantBrenton Slough, Dallas County, (Private Property)Dallas4/22/2020
Rose-breasted GrosbeakHollow View Park, bettendorf,iaScott4/11/2020
White-eyed Vireowest end of Easter LakePolk4/10/2020
Cinnamon TealGreen Island WMAJackson4/10/2020
Common YellowthroatGreenbelt LakeBlack Hawk4/9/2020
Sandhill Crane140th and delewareWarren3/26/2020
Northern WaterthrushTurkey Creek Nature PreserveJohnson1/6/2020
Yellow-rumped WarblerLake Icaria, near house on the way to the beach.Adams12/23/2019
Northern Goshawkprairie area just south of gun club ponds to west of Greencastle roadJohnson12/21/2019
Ruby-crowned KingletClinton Clinton12/19/2019
Field SparrowCalamusClinton12/17/2019
Pacific LoonRed Rock ReservoirMarion12/8/2019
Greater ScaupDMACC Campus, Ankeny, PondPolk11/22/2019
Tundra SwanMarsh Farm Wetlands, Dallas County, IowaDallas11/3/2019
White-faced IbisHolland MarshGrundy10/20/2019
American AvocetMaskunky Marsh, Rose Hill, IowaMahaska9/22/2019
Whooping CraneThree miles South of Rake Iowa at 20th Ave. and 470th St. on DNR property.Winnebago8/20/2019
White-winged DoveLytton, IowaSac7/17/2019
Whooping CraneNorth of Buffalo Center, north of Hwy 9, on R-20, 3.5 milesWinnebago7/15/2019
Prairie WarblerShimek State Forest-Croton West UnitLee6/16/2019
Prairie WarblerCroton Unit of Shimek SFLee6/9/2019
Western GrebeBorrow pit East of Red Roof Inn.Story6/3/2019
White Winged Dove218 North Main Street Yale, Iowa 50277Guthrie5/25/2019
Indigo BuntingNortheast of E57 and Magnolia intersectionBoone5/23/2019
Canada Warbler508 North Chestnut Avenue, New Hampton, IowaChickasaw5/20/2019
WhimbrelGreen Island WMAJackson5/1/2019
Worm-eating WarblerUniversity of Iowa Research ParkJohnson4/22/2019
Greater Prairie-ChickenKellerton Lek siteRinggold4/4/2019
Snowy OwlLuther, IowaBoone2/18/2019
DickcisselTimber AvenueBremer12/15/2018
White-faced IbisErickson's Glacial Kettle NW 166th Ave just West of NW72, Polk County is owned by the Erickson family.Polk9/29/2018
Black-throated Blue WarblerHarvest Preserve Iowa CityJohnson6/3/2018
Northern MockingbirdNortheast of Ida GroveIda5/11/2018
Blue Grosbeak508 North Chestnut AvenueChickasaw5/10/2018
Snowy OwlDallas County, in the same mile NW of the Dallas Center Grimes HighschoolDallas1/7/2018
Cinnamon TealSweets Marsh on northside past south enterenceBremer12/15/2017
northern shrike16566 Middle Rd, Dubuque, IADubuque12/5/2017
Snowy OwlSaylorville Dam, Polk11/29/2017
Cinnamon TealSlater sewage lagoonStory12/11/2016
Ferruginous HawkHitchcock Nature Center HawkWatchPottawattamie12/2/2016
Whooping Cranewest of Bellevue, IA along D61Jackson11/11/2016
Black-crowned Night-HeronMt. Sterling MarshVan Buren9/14/2016
Clapper Rail Green Mountain Marshall5/6/2016
Peregrine FalconhomeGuthrie4/7/2016
Greater White-fronted GooseJerome, IowaAppanoose3/11/2016
Yellow-bellied SapsuckerHickory Hill ParkJohnson1/2/2016
Summer Tanager West Des MoinesPolk12/18/2015
Bohemian WaxwingJulian Dubuque MonumentDubuque5/24/2015
Glossy IbisCredit Island Park, Davenport, IAScott5/5/2015
VeeryHull WMAMahaska4/23/2015
otherGeorge WythBlack Hawk3/21/2015
Chukar815 E. 13th Street, Des Moines, IAPolk3/12/2015
Varied Thrush8254 90th StreetHoward2/24/2015
Golden EagleMeridith & Urbandale Dr, Urbandale, IAPolk2/7/2015
Bohemian WaxwingBig Creek State ParkPolk1/31/2015
Iceland GullL&D 14Scott1/28/2015
Iceland GullLock and Dam 14Scott1/11/2015
Brewer's BlackbirdNear Hitchcock N.C.Pottawattamie1/3/2015
Yellow-headed BlackbirdNear Hitchcock N.C.Pottawattamie1/3/2015
Iceland GullCenter St Dam in Des MoinesPolk1/3/2015
Great Horned OwlTitonka Kossuth1/2/2015
Iceland GullBelow Center Street Dam, Des MoinesPolk1/1/2015
Ross's GooseMidAmerican Port NealWoodbury12/20/2014
Trumpeter SwanPeter's ParkMonona12/20/2014
Iceland GullL&D 15Scott12/20/2014
Chipping SparrowAlong Valley Rd., Keokuk Co.Keokuk12/15/2014
Northern Goshawknear the corner of Nick Drive and Kansas Ave, S of Goose Lake, North Liberty IAJohnson12/14/2014
Iceland GullBettendorfScott12/11/2014
Iceland GullOttumwa Wapello12/4/2014
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherHighway 169, about 8.5 miles south of DeSotoMadison9/30/2014
Carolina WrenStone State ParkWoodbury8/9/2014
Northern WaterthrushGreenbelt LakeBlack Hawk7/29/2014
Hairy WoodpeckerSouth Des MoinesPolk7/27/2014
Hairy WoodpeckerDes Moines, IAPolk7/27/2014
Hairy WoodpeckerDes MoinesPolk7/27/2014
Hairy WoodpeckerDes MoinesPolk7/27/2014
Black-necked StiltTerry Trueblood Rec. AreaJohnson6/15/2014
Laughing GullSandpiper BeachPolk6/1/2014
Laughing GullCarter LakePottawattamie5/28/2014
Wilson's Snipe3934 Marsh Ave. Hospers IowaSioux5/6/2014
Golden-winged Warbler3934 Marsh Ave. Hospers IowaSioux5/6/2014
Blue-headed Vireo3934 Marsh Ave. Hospers IowaSioux5/6/2014
Yellow-throated WarblerEagle Point ParkDubuque5/6/2014
Summer Tanager3934 Marsh Ave. Hospers IowaSioux5/6/2014
Spotted Towhee3934 Marsh Ave. Hospers IowaSioux5/4/2014
Red-throated LoonAda Hayden ParkStory4/29/2014
White-faced IbisA backwater across the highway from Heretige PondDubuque4/29/2014
Swainson's ThrushWhitewater Canyon WMAJones4/19/2014
Black Necked StiltEast of New Hampton Chickasaw4/12/2014
Cliff SwallowVolunteer Drive, below lock and dam 11, DubuqueDubuque4/1/2014
Lesser Black-backed Gull16th Street retention basin, Dubuque, IADubuque3/30/2014
Snowy EgretPizza Hut pond west of Ida Grove on hiway 59Ida3/27/2014
Northern GoshawkLinn Johnson Rd NWJohnson3/24/2014
White-winged ScoterMississippi riverScott12/15/2013
Snowy OwlTalon Ave just north of White Pole RoadGuthrie12/9/2013
Snowy OwlNear OttosenHumboldt12/1/2013
MerlinIowa CityJohnson11/10/2013
Red-throated LoonAda Hayden ParkStory11/8/2013
Red-necked PhalaropeSaylorville ReservoirPolk11/2/2013
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherIntersection of County Road T-15 and County Road G-46Marion10/20/2013
Black TernSugar Bottom Campground Beach, Coralville ReservoirJohnson10/18/2013
Sandhill Cranefarm fieldWorth10/7/2013
American RobinaureliaCherokee10/3/2013
Black-necked Stiltjust east of Iowa Falls, IAHardin8/7/2013
Black-necked Stiltjust east of Iowa Falls, IAHardin8/7/2013
White-winged DoveDallas CenterDallas5/24/2013
Great-tailed GrackleA.Y. McDonald ParkDubuque5/23/2013
American AvocetDeere DikeDubuque5/14/2013
Cooper's HawkWaverly Bremer5/9/2013
WhimbrelDairy PondsWoodbury4/29/2013
White-faced IbisNW of Mason City, N side of B20, W of US 65 Cerro Gordo4/27/2013
White-faced IbisLost Island LakePalo Alto4/21/2013
BuffleheadThomas Mitchell Park near AltoonaPolk4/20/2013
White-faced Ibispond between Keosauqua and DoudsVan Buren4/14/2013
Eastern TowheeAltoonaPolk4/14/2013
Eastern TowheeAltoonaPolk4/14/2013
Varied ThrushManchester Trout HatcheryDelaware3/25/2013
Turkey VulturePleasant Plain RoadJefferson2/11/2013
Bohemian WaxwingLewis and Clark ParkMonona2/5/2013
Chipping Sparrow1644 Maple View - BooneBoone1/3/2013
Loggerhead Shrikenear MuscatineMuscatine12/26/2012
Common RedpollAshtonOsceola12/26/2012
Snowy OwlLetts, IAMuscatine12/16/2012
Townsend's SolitaireGreen Island CBC - south sectionJackson12/14/2012
Snowy OwlWilliamsHamilton12/6/2012
Red Crossbill355th 130th Churdan, Ia 50050 Greene11/30/2012
Great Horned OwlB63 <1mi W of P30Kossuth11/27/2012
White-winged ScoterDickinson countyDickinson11/3/2012
Blackpoll WarblerNevdaStory10/24/2012
Green HeronJordan Creek between EPTrue and 60th StreetPolk9/16/2012
Black-necked StiltFarm pond 2 miles west of Burr Oak on Cty A18Winneshiek8/17/2012
Barn OwlsSouth of Battle Creek, IowaIda7/2/2012
Barn OwlPrivate FarmIda7/2/2012
Western KingbirdNorth BottomsDes Moines6/21/2012
BobolinkGlenwood Archaeological State PreserveMills6/21/2012
Plegadis spUnion SloughKossuth6/13/2012
Red-winged BlackbirdMarshalltownMarshall5/8/2012
Yellow-throated VireoLake of Three Fires State ParkTaylor5/3/2012
greylag gooseMarshalltown,Riverside CemetaryMarshall3/7/2012
Snowy OwlGoose lake WMAGreene3/1/2012
Northern GoshawkDale Maffitt ReservoirDallas2/19/2012
Snowy OwlCedarMahaska2/14/2012
Snowy OwlCedarMahaska2/14/2012
Snowy OwlAlong 200th St, halfway between 580th and 570th Streets Story1/19/2012
Sandhill CraneBeemer's PondHamilton1/13/2012
Snowy OwlEast Hottes LakeDickinson1/8/2012
Snowy Owl180th Street and Iowa AvenueHancock1/4/2012
Snowy Owl180th Street and Iowa AvenueHancock1/4/2012
Snowy OwlNW of Atlantic, HWY 83Cass1/1/2012
Snowy Owl2 mi. W. & 2 mi. N of Schleswig IowaCrawford12/26/2011
Snowy OwlCreston, IAUnion12/23/2011
Yellow-headed BlackbirdSabulaJackson12/20/2011
Pine Warbler2753 333rd aveWinneshiek12/18/2011
Red-throated LoonSaylorville ReservoirPolk12/4/2011
Barn SwallowFort MadisonLee8/12/2011
White-winged Dovemy houseBenton6/18/2011
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherAnogla Pork hog confinement 7 miles S of AlgonaKossuth6/4/2011
WhimbrelRiverton WAFremont4/24/2011
Red-winged BlackbirdYaleGuthrie1/14/2011
Savannah Sparrowrural BettendorfScott12/19/2010
Savannah SparrowBurlington, IowaDes Moines12/18/2010
Savannah SparrowHarrier MarshBoone12/13/2010
Long-tailed DuckAda-Hayden ParkStory12/2/2010
Northern Rough-winged SwallowBrushy Creek Rec. AreaWebster11/24/2010
Summer TanagerMy yard in CherokeeCherokee11/14/2010
Eurasian Tree SparrowGilbertStory11/8/2010
Townsend's SolitaireIn tree topGuthrie11/5/2010
Mute SwanRock Creek SPJasper10/17/2010
Ruddy Turnstone210th Street Humboldt8/18/2010
White-winged DoveShenandoahPage8/7/2010
Black-billed Cuckoo3 Rivers Trail near Florida Ave.Humboldt8/3/2010
Black-throated Green WarblerBrooks Golf CourseDickinson8/2/2010
Yellow-bellied SapsuckerThree Rivers' TrailHumboldt6/18/2010
Mississippi KiteGreenwood Park, Des MoinesPolk6/7/2010
White-winged DoveCarolyn Fischer Yard, Mason CityCerro Gordo5/27/2010
Horned GrebeHarrier MarshBoone5/9/2010
Upland SandpiperDunbar Slough AreaGreene5/7/2010
American AvocetWhiterock Conservancy wetlandGuthrie4/18/2010
Northern Mockingbird190th Street between Grant and George Washington Carve AvesStory4/16/2010
Broad-winged HawkTwin Ponds (Wapsipinicon R)Chickasaw4/3/2010
American PipitNear Mississippi River, KeokukLee1/25/2010
American PipitNear Mississippi River, KeokukLee1/25/2010
White-winged DoveShenandoahPage1/12/2010
Pied-billed GrebeRutland Iowa12/27/2009
Snow BuntingIntersection of Florida Ave and 270th StreetHumboldt12/27/2009
Gray PartridgeIntersection of Hwy 3 and 220th streetHumboldt12/27/2009
Savannah SparrowPanther Creek Rd. just north of 315th St.Dallas12/19/2009
Northern ShrikeNorth Raccoon RiverDallas12/19/2009
Great EgretGreen Bay BottomsLee12/16/2009
Swainson's ThrushHome of Clarence and Alda Hightshoe, 1526 Broadway. Iowa CityJohnson12/7/2009
Red-bellied WoodpeckerBurtKossuth11/11/2009
Forster's TernAda-Hayden ParkStory11/1/2009
Tennessee WarblerLindsay Park Yacht Club, Lindsay Park, DavenportScott10/30/2009
White-winged DoveEssexPage7/9/2009
White-winged DoveShenandoah IA 601 Church StreetPage5/25/2009
Cattle EgretNear BoonevilleMadison5/20/2009
Pine WarblerShimek State Forest, Donnellson UnitLee5/18/2009
Townsend's SolitairePioneer ParkMitchell5/11/2009
Western SandpiperDairy PondCarroll5/3/2009
Summer TanagerWhiterock Conservancy Headquarters, Coon RapidsGuthrie4/15/2009
Lesser ScaupSomerset Lake, Ames IAStory4/4/2009
Tree SwallowHawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson12/14/2008
Tree SwallowNorth of Hawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson12/14/2008
Northern Shrikeintersection of Hawaii Avenue and 200th Street, west of Rutland, IAHumboldt11/26/2008
Red-throated LoonSaylorville ReservoirPolk11/16/2008
Yellow Rail25195 K ave Grundy CenterGrundy9/27/2008
Pine Warbler10 Longview Knoll, Iowa CityJohnson8/20/2008
Blue-headed Vireo2830 Coppock RdWashington7/3/2008
BuffleheadGeorge Wyth SPBlack Hawk5/22/2008
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherSaylorville DamPolk5/17/2008
Black-necked StiltEmmet County Wetland west of Highway 4 between Graettinger and WallingfordEmmet5/14/2008
Peregrine FalconSquire Point, Corralville ReservoirJohnson5/3/2008
Red-breasted NuthatchDavenport, IA (Oakdale CemetaryScott4/27/2008
American Kestrel2 miles North of Lost Grove LakeScott4/16/2008
Northern FlickerWest of Lewis & Clark MonumentPottawattamie3/19/2008
Pileated WoodpeckerMuscatineMuscatine3/10/2008
OspreyAdel, IADallas3/5/2008
Eastern PhoebeHeron BendLee3/2/2008
Red CrossbillLincoln TownshipLucas2/20/2008
Peregrine FalconAmes,IAStory1/25/2008
Bohemian Waxwing1/4 mi. west of Jct. of Wilson Ave. & 500th Stree, Cherokee/Obrien County line.Cherokee1/12/2008
Virginia Railseep at the junction of NW 6th Ave and NW 52nd Ave in Des Moines, Polk Co.Polk12/22/2007
Eastern PhoebePine Lake State Park - Pine Creek, below upper lake spillwayHardin12/19/2007
Eastern PhoebeMontrose cemeteryLee12/18/2007
Dunlinbelow Lock and Dam 19, Keokuk, Lee Co.Lee12/17/2007
Fox SparrowLansingAllamakee12/17/2007
Fox Sparrowbelow feeder in my yardAllamakee12/15/2007
Pine WarblerYard, Mason CityCerro Gordo11/13/2007
White-faced IbisMontrose MarshLee10/31/2007
Red-throated LoonClear Lake, IowaCerro Gordo10/30/2007
Orchard OrioleBronson-Deer CreekWoodbury10/20/2007
Orchard OrioleBronsonWoodbury10/18/2007
Pacific LoonSaylorville ReservoirPolk10/13/2007
Orchard OrioleBronsonWoodbury10/10/2007
Red-necked GrebeSouth Twin LakeCalhoun10/1/2007
OvenbirdPattersons' yard in AmesStory9/30/2007
UnknownEastern IowaClinton9/25/2007
Trumpeter Swanstorm lakeBuena Vista9/18/2007
Cerulean WarblerHickory Hills Park, Iowa City, IAJohnson9/12/2007
Black-headed GullSpirit LakeDickinson9/2/2007
Northern GoshawkY-CampBoone8/28/2007
Loggerhead ShrikeBronsonWoodbury7/31/2007
Black-headed GullFootbridge area on Spirit LakeDickinson7/28/2007
Pine WarblerShimek State Forest/Donnellson UnitLee7/7/2007
Black-billed MagpieBroken Kettle GrasslandPlymouth6/22/2007
Black-billed MagpieBroken Kettle GrasslandPlymouth6/22/2007
Chuck-will's-widowStephens State Forest - Whitebreast UnitLucas6/15/2007
Summer TanagerStone State ParkWoodbury6/15/2007
Red-winged Blackbirdsioux cityWoodbury6/7/2007
Albino RobinFront yardPolk5/23/2007
Common LoonAda Hayden LakeStory5/22/2007
Nelson's SparrowOwego Wetland ComplexWoodbury5/20/2007
Pacific LoonMidAmerican Energy pondsPottawattamie5/18/2007
Summer TanagerStone State ParkWoodbury5/17/2007
Northern ParulaStone State ParkWoodbury5/15/2007
American AvocetSandhill LakeWoodbury5/12/2007
Scissor-tailed Flycatchernorthwest of Grimes, IowaDallas5/10/2007
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherCottonwood RAPolk5/7/2007
Connecticut WarblerGreat Western Trail & 25th AveWarren5/6/2007
Common RedpollArmstrong, IowaEmmet4/29/2007
Palm WarblerPikes Peak S.P.Clayton4/27/2007
American AvocetSandhill LakeWoodbury4/16/2007
Northern Rough-winged SwallowSmith's Island, L&D 14Scott4/6/2007
Orange-crowned WarblerBob Shetler CampgroundPolk4/5/2007
Tree SwallowMiss. pool 14, LeClaire IAScott3/10/2007
Tree Swallowbank of Mississippi River in LeClaire, IAScott3/10/2007
Trumpeter Swanlansing power plantScott3/5/2007
Spotted TowheeCamp HantesaBoone2/28/2007
Trumpeter SwanCedar River in Charles CityFloyd2/11/2007
Brown ThrasherSidney IAFremont2/8/2007
Prairie FalconManti Rd and 370th AveFremont1/23/2007
Rough-legged Hawknear burtKossuth1/9/2007
American White PelicanWaterworks Prairie Park, Iowa CityJohnson12/9/2006
American RobinWaverlyBremer12/8/2006
Yellow-throated Warbler3800 block of Hobson Avenue, DavenportScott11/27/2006
Barn OwlRural Ida CountyIda10/28/2006
Sabine's GullL&D 14Scott9/19/2006
Common GoldeneyePigeon Creek Park, BettendorfScott9/11/2006
Connecticut WarblerBacon Creek ParkWoodbury8/25/2006
Common MerganserSaylorville ReservoirPolk8/11/2006
Wood ThrushMines of SpainDubuque6/10/2006
Western Sandpiperhome pond Lamoni, IADecatur5/10/2006
Lesser Black-backed GullSaylorville ReservoirPolk4/29/2006
Ruby-throated HummingbirdGliddenCarroll4/22/2006
Grasshopper SparrowSouth of Lacey-Keosauqua State ParkVan Buren4/13/2006
Bald EagleAvocaPottawattamie3/4/2006
Turkey VultureAmes, IAStory2/8/2006
Brown ThrasherIowa CityJohnson1/30/2006
Townsend's SolitaireWaterman TownshipO'Brien1/22/2006
Prairie FalconOwego WetlandsWoodbury1/6/2006
Gadwall2 miles north of LansingAllamakee1/5/2006
Eurasian Collared-Dove1 mile south of Garden Grove,Decatur1/2/2006
Black-billed Magpienear Broken Kettle GrasslandPlymouth12/31/2005
Lesser Black-backed GullMississippi River, Pool 15Scott12/29/2005
Snowy OwlT78N, R45W, S11Harrison12/14/2005
Pileated WoodpeckerSW 1/4 SE 1/4 Section 2-85-10 (about 3 miles Northeast of Vinton)Benton10/31/2005
Pine Warbler25th AvenueWarren10/8/2005
Townsend's SolitaireDow City, IowaCrawford9/15/2005
Upland Sandpiper35th Ave. & 240th St.Scott7/12/2005
Cattle Egretbancroft iaKossuth5/30/2005
Varied ThrushGrant townshipO'Brien5/22/2005
Pileated Woodpeckerfront yardMuscatine5/21/2005
Mississippi KiteDes Moines YMCA CampBoone5/19/2005
Harris's SparrowPaullina, Iowa 51046`O'Brien5/13/2005
Bullock's OrioleElkader/LittleportClayton5/11/2005
Harris's Sparrow114th st. Blue GrassScott5/11/2005
Bell's Vireonear Gabrielson WMAHancock5/9/2005
Mississippi KiteOtter Creek Lake & ParkTama5/9/2005
White-crowned SparrowLong GroveScott5/5/2005
Lesser Black-backed GullHawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson5/4/2005
Eastern BluebirdLong Grove/RuralScott5/1/2005
Pine WarblerPikes Peak S.P.Clayton4/23/2005
Warbling Vireorural area south of FairfieldJefferson4/20/2005
Pileated WoodpeckerShellsburg-UrbanaBenton4/15/2005
Brown CreeperLeMars, IowaPlymouth4/10/2005
Baird's SandpiperLock and Dam 10Clayton3/22/2005
Eurasian Collared-Doveback yardKossuth2/15/2005
Red CrossbillMy residence in Long GroveScott2/8/2005
American RobinMy residence in Long Grove, Iowa!Scott1/30/2005
Brown ThrasherLong GroveScott1/12/2005
Ross's GooseJohn Deere PECBlack Hawk11/3/2004
Ruddy TurnstoneGray Eagle PreserveWapello10/23/2004
Solitary Sandpiper (Record Late)S. side Blairs Ferry Rd. E of PaloLinn10/20/2004
Snowy EgretSaylorville Reservoir, on ponds below the damPolk10/11/2004
White-faced IbisCounty wetlands near Barringer Marsh Clay10/9/2004
Black-headed GullSpirit LakeDickinson10/9/2004
Black-headed GullSpirit LakeDickinson10/9/2004
Black-headed GullSpirit LakeDickinson9/27/2004
Red CrossbillAmana Lily Pond, Main AmanaIowa9/26/2004
Great EgretSioux City, IAWoodbury9/23/2004
Buff African Greylag/GooseBrook Run, Des MoinesPolk8/31/2004
Ringed Turtle DoveWashingtonWashington7/22/2004
Clay-colored SparrowAnderson PrairieEmmet7/3/2004
Common RedpollMiles Lee Park and 6th Street Boone IowaBoone6/20/2004
house finch (yellow variantNewport areaJohnson5/20/2004
Black-necked StiltDiehl WetlandsWarren5/11/2004
Brewer's BlackbirdCedar Hills Sand PrairieBlack Hawk5/7/2004
Harris's SparrowAmes, Near Squaw CreekStory5/2/2004
Vesper Sparrownear waterworks park, private homePolk4/30/2004
Egyptian GooseNW corner of Lake SugemaVan Buren4/25/2004
Great-tailed GracklePrairie Lakes Park, Cedar FallsBlack Hawk4/24/2004
Gray Catbirdnear GuttenbergClayton4/18/2004
Eurasian Collared-DoveSection 21 of Bennington TownshipBlack Hawk4/13/2004
Eurasian Collared-DoveSection 21 of Bennington TownshipBlack Hawk4/12/2004
Black-and-white WarblerGeorge Wyth State ParkBlack Hawk4/6/2004
Chipping Sparrow5941 Caves RoadJackson3/19/2004
Tree SwallowPrinceton WMAScott3/13/2004
American KestrelBetween Long Grove & Eldridge, IowaScott1/2/2004
Franklin's GullDes Moines River, Ottumwa, IowaWapello12/27/2003
Eurasian Collared-DoveBridgewater and Adel, IA Adair11/29/2003
Black ScoterSaylorville LakePolk11/16/2003
Red-throated LoonSaylorvillePolk11/9/2003
Stilt SandpiperJester Park, SaylrovillePolk10/30/2003
Orchard OrioleBig Creek LakePolk10/16/2003
Eurasian Collared-Dove403 S. 6th St. Fairfield, Iowa 52556Jefferson9/21/2003
Yellow-throated WarblerBrookside Park in AmesStory9/13/2003
White-rumped SandpiperPinchey Bottoms, Red Rock WAMarion9/2/2003
Western SandpiperPinchey Bottoms, Red Rock WAMarion8/28/2003
White-rumped SandpiperSaylorville, Jester ParkPolk8/23/2003
Eurasian Collared-DoveGreenfield, Iowa Adair7/6/2003
Indigo BuntingRural North LibertyJohnson5/24/2003
Blackburnian WarblerGilbertvilleBlack Hawk5/16/2003
VeeryHickory Hill Park, Iowa CItyJohnson5/1/2003
Eurasian Collared-DoveTRV HIgh School parking lot, BodeHumboldt4/30/2003
Black-crowned Night-Heron2278 250th AveClarke4/29/2003
Wilson's WarblerBrookside Park, AmesStory4/24/2003
Warbling VireoEly Ford, Lacey Keosoqua St ParkVan Buren4/23/2003
Chipping SparrowSwan Lake Road, Hawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson3/18/2003
Varied Thrush2422 Nebraska ST Sioux CityWoodbury12/9/2002
Snowy OwlWalnut ridge recreation areaPolk12/3/2002
White-winged CrossbillAspen Grove Cemetery, BurlingtonDes Moines1/26/2002
Barn OwlGlenwood TownshipWinneshiek7/20/1972