Reports of Rare Birds

One of the most frequent questions to the Records Commitee is simply "How many records of XXX have been accepted?" The answer to that is easy to see in this report. Until older (pre-2000) records have all been entered, you may need to check this PDF of older records to get a complete count. Select a species to get started and then explore some of the other reports in the menu bar.

26 total accepted records; current status is Casual
Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

2006-28 Evening Grosbeak16 May 2006Willowglen NurseryWinneshiek1
2008-54 Evening Grosbeak21 Dec 2008MuscatineMuscatine1
2010-45 Evening Grosbeak13 Oct 2010Mason CityCerro Gordo1
2012-46 Evening Grosbeak24 Nov 2012AnkenyPolk1
2012-50 Evening Grosbeak10 Nov 2012228 W. 21st St. CarrollCarroll1
2012-51 Evening Grosbeak7 Nov 20123911 Greencastle Ave., SW, Oxford, IAJohnson1
2012-54 Evening Grosbeak19 Nov 20122753 333rd Ave, RidgewayWinneshiek1
2013-AD Evening Grosbeak14 Dec 20123838 Hobson Ave., DavenportScott1
2018-08 Evening Grosbeak24-25 Feb 20183004 Ross RoadStory2
2018-11 Evening Grosbeak18 Apr 2018OskaloosaMahaska1
2018-12 Evening Grosbeak22 Apr 2018private residenceMuscatine2
2018-41 Evening Grosbeak9 May 20181219 Wisconsin Ave. Ames, IAStory1
2020-57 Evening Grosbeak1 Nov 2020Near Hartman PreserveBlack Hawk1
2020-58 Evening Grosbeak1,2 Nov 2020Home feeders (Private location)Des Moines2
2020-59 Evening Grosbeak9, 10 Nov 2020115 LAKEVIEW DRIVE, MASON CITY, IWOACerro Gordo1
2020-60 Evening Grosbeak17 Nov 20203524 Cumberland Ridge Rd. NE, North Liberty, IA 52317-9328Johnson1
2020-62 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 2020Port Louisa NWRLouisa1
2021-01 Evening Grosbeak9 Jan 20218771 Route 52 SDubuque4
2021-04 Evening Grosbeak18 Jan 2021Saylorville Reservoir - Jester Park 1. 41°47'01.1"N 93°47'19.0"WPolk1
2021-10 Evening Grosbeak20 Mar 2021Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2022-01 Evening Grosbeak2 Jan 2022RingstedEmmet1
2022-58 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 2022LisbonLinn1
2022-59 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 2022Woodland Lake, Bondurant, IAPolk1
2022-60 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 202241.45493935173345, -90.87934373780074Muscatine1
2022-61 Evening Grosbeak1 Nov 2022Ames, along College Creek near Ames Middle SchoolStory1
2022-62 Evening Grosbeak2 Nov 2022Colfax Jasper1
2022-63 Evening Grosbeak3 Nov 2022Lake Meyer ParkWinneshiek1
2022-64 Evening Grosbeak3 Nov 2022Ulrike Grimaldi's yardPolk1
2022-65 Evening Grosbeak4 Nov 2022HillsJohnson1
2022-66 Evening Grosbeak4 Nov 2022Iowa State University Horticulture Research Station Story1
2022-71 Evening Grosbeak6 Nov 2022Algona backyard feederKossuth1