Reports of Rare Birds

One of the most frequent questions to the Records Commitee is simply "How many records of XXX have been accepted?" The answer to that is easy to see in this report. Until older (pre-2000) records have all been entered, you may need to check this PDF of older records to get a complete count. Select a species to get started and then explore some of the other reports in the menu bar.

28 total accepted records; current status is Casual
Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

1981-KM Hoary Redpoll22 Jan - 7 Feb 1978MarionLinn0
1981-KQ Hoary Redpoll12 Feb 1978DavenportScott0
1981-KS Hoary Redpoll10 Mar 1978Coralville ResJohnson0
1980 25 Hoary Redpoll27 Dec 1980 - 6 Jan 1981WaterlooBlack Hawk0
1980-02 Hoary Redpoll23 Jan - 22 Feb 1982Pine Lake SPHardin0
1982-11 Hoary Redpoll2 Mar 1982LaurensPocahontas0
1995-75 Hoary Redpoll23 Dec 1995Spirit Lake Fish HatcheryDickinson0
1996-04 Hoary Redpoll3 Feb 1996near NorwalkWarren0
1996-06 Hoary Redpoll4 Feb 1996n. of Iowa CityJohnson0
1996-08 Hoary Redpoll28 Feb 1996AmesStory0
2004-06 Hoary Redpoll16 Feb 2004GarnavilloClayton1
2005-14 Hoary Redpoll26 Feb 2005Clear LakeCerro Gordo1
2006-64 Hoary Redpoll16 Dec 2006 - 19 Feb 2007Brenton ArboretumDallas10
2009-01 Hoary Redpoll31 Jan to 15 Feb 2009Mason CityCerro Gordo3
2012-05 Hoary Redpoll11 Feb 2012Storm Lake CemeteryBuena Vista1
2013-01 Hoary Redpoll4 Jan 2013field immediately North of the beginning of Silver Creek Rd where it intersects with Highway 52, eight miles North of DecorahWinneshiek1
2013-05 Hoary Redpoll26 Jan 2013Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2013-06 Hoary Redpoll26 Jan 2013Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2013-07 Hoary Redpoll16 Feb 2013Curt Nelson farmCerro Gordo3
2013-25 Hoary Redpoll10 Mar 2013Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2013-26 Hoary Redpoll13 Mar 20132 miles south of BelmondWright1
2013-27 Hoary Redpoll21 Mar 20138 mi southeast of RicevilleHoward1
2016-33 Hoary Redpoll7 Apr 2016212 5th Ave. SE, Badger, IowaWebster1
2018-01 Hoary Redpoll13 Jan 2018neighbor's yardClay1
2018-02 Hoary Redpoll29 Jan 20182925ft (892m) E of P66/A21 (220th Ave/470th St) abt 7.25mi ENE of Ledyard, IAKossuth1
2018-03 Hoary Redpoll11 Jan - 17 Feb 2018backyard in Arthur Heights subdivisionDickinson2
2018-04 Hoary Redpoll21 Feb 2018 Warren1
2018-09 Hoary Redpoll18 Mar 2018Oak Grove Recreation AreaPolk1
2022-02 Hoary Redpoll25 Jan 2022LaPorte CityBlack Hawk1
2022-04 Hoary Redpoll4 Mar 2022Oakland Cemetery, Brown Street, Iowa City, Iowa (ebird hotspot) Johnson1