Reports of Rare Birds

One of the most frequent questions to the Records Commitee is simply "How many records of XXX have been accepted?" The answer to that is easy to see in this report. Until older (pre-2000) records have all been entered, you may need to check this PDF of older records to get a complete count. Select a species to get started and then explore some of the other reports in the menu bar.

40 total accepted records; current status is Regular
Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

1981-EM Lazuli Bunting20 May 1929Sioux CityWoodbury1
1981-EN Lazuli Bunting25 Jul 1935w. of IndianolaWarren1
1981-EO Lazuli BuntingL May 1940Des MoinesPolk1
1981-EP Lazuli Bunting13 May 1949near NewtonJasper1
1981-EQ Lazuli Bunting14 May 1958Iowa side of Big Sioux R.Plymouth1
1981-ER Lazuli Bunting18 Jun 1958rural Plymouth CountyPlymouth1
1981-ES Lazuli Bunting15 May 1959ShenandoahPage1
1981-ET Lazuli Bunting29 May 1964LamoniDecatur1
1981-EU Lazuli Bunting24 May 1973Sioux CityWoodbury1
1981-EV Lazuli Bunting14 Jun 1975near Sioux CenterSioux1
1981-EW Lazuli Bunting14 May 1978WaterlooBlack Hawk1
1983-AA Lazuli Bunting24 May 1980Stone S. P.Woodbury1
1986-03 Lazuli Bunting16 May 1986Martin-Little Sioux R. A.Cherokee1
1993-28 Lazuli Bunting7 Jul 19934.5 n. of Lake CityCalhoun1
1995-20 Lazuli Bunting29 May 1995sw. of SpencerClay2
1996-31 Lazuli Bunting16 May 1996ShenandoahPage1
1996-35 Lazuli Bunting1 -2 Jun 1996Little Sioux Wildlife AreaClay2
1997-19 Lazuli Bunting18 May 1997s of WestfieldPlymouth1
1997-20 Lazuli Bunting18 May 1997Stone S. P.Woodbury2
1997-21 Lazuli Bunting18 May 1997Mason CityCerro Gordo1
1997-22 Lazuli Bunting27 May 1997n. of GlenwoodMills2
2002-15 Lazuli Bunting11 May 2002between Sand Creek and DeKalb WMADecatur2
2002-16 Lazuli Bunting17 May 2002Kettleson HogsbackDickinson1
2002-17 Lazuli Bunting18-28 May 2002AmesStory2
2003-10 Lazuli Bunting15 May 2003AlgonaKossuth1
2003-12 Lazuli Bunting25 May 2003Spirit LakeDickinson1
2004-14 Lazuli Bunting6 Apr 2004Otter CreekJackson1
2004-24 Lazuli Bunting18 May 2004WestfieldPlymouth1
2004-27 Lazuli Bunting19-26 May 2004Spirit LakeDickinson1
2004-28 Lazuli Bunting28-29 May 2004Spirit LakeDickinson1
2005-24 Lazuli Bunting10 May 2005Hitchcock NAPottawattamie1
2005-29 Lazuli Bunting19 May 2005SidneyFremont1
2006-23 Lazuli Bunting9 May 2006Brookside P., AmesStory1
2010-AB Lazuli Bunting6 May 2007Blue LakeMonona1
2008-14 Lazuli Bunting14-15 May 2008CarrollCarroll1
2008-18 Lazuli Bunting26-28 May 2008Sioux CenterSioux1
2009-13 Lazuli Bunting5 - 7 May 2009Des MoinesPolk6
2011-17 Lazuli Bunting14 - 17 May 2011rural JeffersonGreene1
2011-24 Lazuli Bunting30 May 2011Wildcat Cave Access WAHardin1
2012-31 Lazuli Bunting8 Jul 201216035 113th AveAppanoose2
2012-40 Lazuli Bunting28 Jun 2012Red Rock LakeMarion1
2013-16 Lazuli Bunting10 May 2013feeder , CarrollCarroll1
2013-21 Lazuli Bunting18 May 20134045 White Ave, HartleyO'Brien1
2014-17 Lazuli Bunting21-23 May 2014My YardDickinson1
2014-18 Lazuli Bunting21-23 May 2014Curt Nelson residenceCerro Gordo2
2014-23 Lazuli Bunting18 May 2014Little Sioux GreenbeltCherokee1
2015-06 Lazuli Bunting25 Apr 2015north of GlenwoodMills1
2015-07 Lazuli Bunting15 May 2015CarrollCarroll1
2020-13 Lazuli Bunting28 Apr 2020218 North St., YaleGuthrie1
2022-15 Lazuli Bunting2 May 2022Sandpiper Recreation AreaPolk1
2022-44 Lazuli Bunting16 May 2022Pike's TimberWright1