Reports of Rare Birds

One of the most frequent questions to the Records Commitee is simply "How many records of XXX have been accepted?" The answer to that is easy to see in this report. Until older (pre-2000) records have all been entered, you may need to check this PDF of older records to get a complete count. Select a species to get started and then explore some of the other reports in the menu bar.

39 total accepted records; current status is Regular
Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

2001-16 Glossy Ibis23 May 2001Horseshoe Bend, Mark Twain N.W.R.Louisa1
2007-15 Glossy Ibis7-8 May 2007Moeckley PrairiePolk3
2007-17 Glossy Ibis12-16 May 2007Hawkeye WAJohnson3
2007-24 Glossy Ibis12 May 2007near ValeriaJasper1
2008-13 Glossy Ibis4 May 2008Rush LakePalo Alto1
2008-16 Glossy Ibis18 May 2008RivertonFremont1
2008-22 Glossy Ibis29 Jun 2008near ChelseaTama2
2008-24 Glossy Ibis9-12 July 2008Forney LakeFremont4
2008-36 Glossy Ibis20 to 21 May 2008 Iowa1
2009-26 Glossy Ibis10-31 May 2009Errington MarshPolk1
2010-27 Glossy Ibis21 Oct 2010Sycamore BottomsJohnson1
2010-29 Glossy Ibis12 Nov 2010n. of LansingAllamakee1
2011-08 Glossy Ibis17-27 Apr 2011Secret LakeFremont1
2012-18 Glossy Ibis8 May 2012Crane CreekBlack Hawk1
2012-21 Glossy Ibis10 Apr 2012Nellen Marsh-Old Lake WaubonsieMills2
2013-12 Glossy Ibis3 May 2013Hawkeye WMAJohnson3
2013-20 Glossy Ibis14 May 2013150 yds west of intersection of county road C-25 and Reed AveWright1
2015-09 Glossy Ibis27 Apr 2015Cone MarshLouisa1
2015-14 Glossy Ibis25 Apr 2015Luton North WMAWoodbury1
2016-14 Glossy Ibis12 May 2016Round Pond at Hawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson2
2016-24 Glossy Ibis9 Sep 2016Mt. Sterling MarshVan Buren1
2016-30 Glossy Ibis19 Oct 2016Hawkeye Widlife Area northeast of Half Moon Ave.Johnson1
2016-31 Glossy Ibis3 May 2016Rapp ParkPage1
2017-09 Glossy Ibis21 Apr 2017Trumbull LakeClay1
2017-33 Glossy Ibis8 Oct 2017Marsh farms WetlandsDallas1
2017-37 Glossy Ibis8 Oct 2017jensen marshMadison1
2018-13 Glossy Ibis6-7 May 2018Colo Bog WMAStory4
2018-21 Glossy Ibis10 May 2018Table MarshWoodbury1
2019-05 Glossy Ibis5-6 May 2019500 yds east of the NE corner of Errington MarshPolk3
2019-07 Glossy Ibis7 May 2019Cone Marsh WMALouisa1
2019-17 Glossy Ibis8 Jun 20191208 Amana RoadJohnson1
2019-24 Glossy Ibis17 Apr 2019Dunbar SloughGreene1
2019-32 Glossy Ibis19 Oct 2019Earlham, IowaDallas1
2020-09 Glossy Ibis14 Apr 2020Brower LakeWoodbury2
2020-10 Glossy Ibis18 Apr 2020B Avenue at Hunter Access, Dunbar Slough, Greene Co. Iowa41.9484187028641,-94.6110130442531Greene4
2020-11 Glossy Ibis19 Apr 2020Trumbull LakeClay1
2020-12 Glossy Ibis26 Apr 2020Kiowa MarshSac1
2020-19 Glossy Ibis7 May 2020N. E. Corner of Hawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson1
2020-23 Glossy Ibis24 May 2020Ada Hayden ParkStory1
2021-14 Glossy Ibis25 Apr 2021Ventura MarshCerro Gordo3
2021-20 Glossy Ibis30 Apr 2021New LakeWoodbury1
2021-21 Glossy Ibis30 Apr 2021Trumbull Lake, IowaClay1
2021-28 Glossy Ibis11 May 2021Little Storm LakeBuena Vista1
2021-29 Glossy Ibis12 May 2021McHugh WetlandBoone1
2021-30 Glossy Ibis12 May 2021Maskunky MarshMahaska1
2021-32 Glossy Ibis16 May 2021Pickerel LakeBuena Vista1
2021-34 Glossy Ibis17 May 2021Sandhill LakeWoodbury2
2021-53 Glossy Ibis17 Sep 2021Bjorkboda MarshHamilton1
2022-16 Glossy Ibis2 May 2022Green Island WMAJackson1