Reports of Rare Birds

One of the most frequent questions to the Records Commitee is simply "How many records of XXX have been accepted?" The answer to that is easy to see in this report. Until older (pre-2000) records have all been entered, you may need to check this PDF of older records to get a complete count. Select a species to get started and then explore some of the other reports in the menu bar.

7 total accepted records; current status is Accidental
Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

1989-13 Tricolored Heron29 Apr 1989Cone MarshLouisa1
1991-01 Tricolored Heron5 May 1991IPL PondsPottawattamie1
2000-11 Tricolored Heron29 Apr - 2 May 2000Cardinal MarshWinneshiek2
2001-17 Tricolored Heron25-28 May 2001Forney LakeFremont1
2007-37 Tricolored Heron2-5 Aug 2007Rapp ParkPage4
2008-25 Tricolored Heron11 July 2008Forney LakeFremont1
2011-29 Tricolored Heron8 Aug 2011Big LakeBlack Hawk1
2022-37 Tricolored Heron3 Jun 2022Deere DikeDubuque5