Records of California Gull

California Gull — 2021-05
© Stephen J. Dinsmore
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.

recorded in 9 of the past 10 years

Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

2000-27 California Gull23 Oct 2000Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2000-35 California Gull5 Dec 2000MuscatineMuscatine1
2002-32 California Gull13 Oct 2002Spirit LakeDickinson1
2003-27 California Gull24 Nov 2003Coralville Res.Johnson1
2004-61 California Gull12 Dec 2004Saylorville Res.Polk2
2005-13 California Gull19 Mar 2005L. ManawaPottawattamie1
2005-72 California Gull2 Dec 2005Ft. MadisonLee1
2006-12 California Gull2 Mar 2006SaylorvillePolk1
2007-35 California Gull20 Jun 2007Meinking MarshDickinson1
2008-43 California Gull2 Aug 2008Saylorville Res.Polk1
2008-45 California Gull23 Oct 2008Lake ManawaPottawattamie1
2010-15 California Gull9-17 July 2010Spirit Lake LandfillDickinson1
2010-42 California Gull30 Nov -5 Dec 2010SaylorvillePolk3
2010-49 California Gull20-23 Dec 2010OttumwaWapello3
2011-30 California Gull28 Sep 2011Green Bay BottomsLee1
2012-14 California Gull31 May 2012Hawkeye WAJohnson1
2012-15 California Gull31 May 2012Hawkeye WAJohnson1
2012-28 California Gull25 Jun 2012Lake Red RockMarion1
2012-42 California Gull1 Nov 2012Lock and Dam 19Lee3
2014-11 California Gull2 May 2014Sandy BeachJohnson1
2014-58 California Gull6 Dec 2014Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2015-21 California Gull13 Sep 2015Lake Red Rock DamMarion1
2016-37 California Gull25 Sep 2016Sandpiper Beach RA, Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2017-01 California Gull8 Jan 2017Morningstar airport pits (North of NW 54th Ave)Polk1
2017-30 California Gull16 Oct 2017Missisippi River L&D 14Scott1
2017-31 California Gull23 Oct 2017Mississppi River Pool 15Scott1
2017-40 California Gull31 May 2017Marble LakeDickinson1
2018-28 California Gull22 Jul 2018east of Spirit Lake dumpDickinson1
2018-38 California Gull12 Nov 2018Ft. Madison Riverfront ParkLee1
2019-03 California Gull21-22 Mar 2019Bob Shetler RA ponds below Saylorville damPolk2
2019-12 California Gull29 May 2019Dickinson County landfillDickinson1
2019-35 California Gull5 Oct 2019Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2019-39 California Gull8 Dec 2019 - 3 Jan 2020Red Rock Reservoir, North Overlook RAMarion2
2020-39 California Gull9 Jun 2020Pool 19Lee1
2020-70 California Gull20 Dec 2020Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2021-05 California Gull18 Jan 2021Fort MadisonLee1
2021-18 California Gull27 Mar 2021Lake ManawaPottawattamie1
2021-23 California Gull2 May 2021Hawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson6
2021-54 California Gull25 Sep 2021Dubuque River Walk Peosta CahnnelDubuque1
2021-65 California Gull29 Dec 2021Mississippi River, Fort MadisonLee1
2022-31 California Gull26 May 2022Sandpiper RA SaylorvillePolk3