Records of Ruff

Ruff — 2020-07
© Mark Brown
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 5 of the past 10 years

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2002-23 Ruff28 Jul 2002Red Rock RefugeMarion3
2003-08 Ruff7 May 2003NE of JeffersonGreene1
2004-38 Ruff15 Aug 2004Hawkeye WAJohnson1
2005-21 Ruff6 May 2005RivertonFremont2
2006-33 Ruff31 Jul - 2 Aug 2006Pinchey BottomsMarion5
2010-AG Ruff28 Aug 2008Sand Point, Hawkeye WAJohnson1
2009-11 Ruff28 April 2009Cone MarshLouisa1
2011-05 Ruff7 Apr 2011Ada Hayden, AmesStory1
2011-13 Ruff10 - 11 May 2011Inkpaduta AccessWoodbury2
2014-07 Ruff12 Apr 2014Near Scales PointeJohnson1
2014-32 Ruff26 Jul 2014near intersection of B63 & N28Palo Alto1
2015-08 Ruff2 May 2015Hawkeye Wildlife Area, Sand PointJohnson1
2016-07 Ruff27 Apr 201641.391731, -91.386435Louisa1
2016-18 Ruff6 Jul 2016Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2017-10 Ruff26 Apr 2017Cone MarshLouisa3
2017-23 Ruff5 Aug 2017north end of Red Rock RefugeMarion2
2020-07 Ruff11 Apr 2020Hawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson11
2020-33 Ruff27 Jul 2020Saylorville Lake mud flats off Jester Park campgrounds #3 and #4Polk1
2023-02 Ruff11 Apr 2023Cedar River Crossing North AccessJohnson1