Records of Sharp-tailed Sandpiper

Sharp-tailed Sandpiper — 2013-34
© Aaron Brees
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 1 of the past 10 years

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1981-AS Sharp-tailed Sandpiper3 Oct 1974Coralville Res.Johnson1
1988-20 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper30 Sep 1988Credit Island, DavenportScott2
1990-29 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper14 Oct 1990Coralville Res.Johnson5
1994-25 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper15 May 1994Riverton WAFremont3
1995-43 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper13 Oct 1995Casey Barrow AccessDes Moines2
2012-37 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper25 Sep 2012Fox River WetlandsVan Buren1
2013-34 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper10 Nov 2013Otter Creek Marsh Tama5
2022-53 Sharp-tailed Sandpiper16 Sep 2022Hendrickson Marsh (story county)Story1