Records of Red Knot

Red Knot — 2007-53
© Jay Gilliam
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 5 of the past 10 years

Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

2000-24 Red Knot20 Aug 2000Saylorville ResPolk2
2001-20 Red Knot21 Aug 2001Runnells WAMarion2
2001-21 Red Knot12-19 Sep 2001Coralville Res.Johnson4
2002-18 Red Knot23 May 2002Riverton WAFremont1
2003-18 Red Knot1-9 Sep 2003Red Rock Res.Marion4
2003-20 Red Knot8-14 Sep 2003Terra LakePolk2
2004-37 Red Knot1 Aug 2004Sand Point, Coralville Res.Johnson1
2004-43 Red Knot24 Sep 2004Hawkeye WAJohnson1
2004-65 Red Knot26 Aug 2004Hawkeye WAJohnson1
2005-50 Red Knot26-28 Aug 2005Red Rock Res.Marion3
2005-64 Red Knot14 Aug 2005Saylorville Res.Polk1
2006-34 Red Knot10 Aug 2006Pinchey BottomsMarion2
2007-38 Red Knot4 Aug 2007Pinchey BottomsMarion2
2007-53 Red Knot2-4 Sep 2007Diamond LakeDickinson2
2015-23 Red Knot2 Oct 2015Hawkeye Wildlife AreaJohnson4
2019-18 Red Knot27-29 Jul 2019Saylorville Reservoir, Big Creek spillway areaPolk2
2020-64 Red Knot5 Sep 2020Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2021-61 Red Knot22 Aug 2021Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2023-18 Red Knot8 Sep 2023Hawkeye WMAJohnson2
2023-25 Red Knot2 Sep 2023Red Rock ReservoirMarion1