Records of Purple Gallinule

Purple Gallinule — 1993-CS
© Thomas H. Kent
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 0 of the past 10 years

Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

1993-CL Purple Gallinule< 1870unknownBlack Hawk1
1993-CM Purple Gallinule< 1879unknownBlack Hawk1
1993-CN Purple Gallinule1891unknownFloyd1
1993-CO Purple Gallinule< 1907unknownBlack Hawk1
1993-CP Purple Gallinule9 Sep 1915Charles CityFloyd1
1993-CQ Purple GallinuleSP 1915Des MoinesPolk1
1993-CR Purple Gallinule13 May 1937Cedar FallsBlack Hawk1
1993-CS Purple Gallinule7 May 1964Cone MarshLouisa1
1993-CT Purple GallinuleSU 1974OttumwaWapello1
1993-CU Purple Gallinule10 May 1975Promise CityWayne1
1993-CV Purple Gallinule22 May 1978AmesStory2
1983-02 Purple Gallinule17 - 28 May 1983South AmanaIowa6
1993-HV Purple Gallinule24 May - 28 Jun 1988BurlingtonDes Moines3
1994-11 Purple Gallinule24-29 May 1994Sweet MarshBremer6
2005-AB Purple Gallinuleearly 1900s Kossuth1