Records of Limpkin

Limpkin — 2022-40
© Dana Siefer
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recorded in 1 of the past 10 years

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2022-39 Limpkin23 Jun 2022Chariton RiverLucas3
2022-40 Limpkin16 Jul - 17 Aug 2022Little Storm LakeBuena Vista8
2022-42 Limpkin12 Aug 2022Green Island Wildlife Management AreaJackson1
2022-45 Limpkin20 Oct - 19 Dec 2022Woodland Lake, Bondurant, IAPolk5
2022-46 Limpkin5 Nov 2022 Lee1
2023-06 Limpkin11 May 2023Nicholson Ford Nature AreaMarshall1
2023-11 Limpkin29 Jul 2023200th Street, South Arm of LAKE MACBRIDEJohnson4
2023-13 Limpkin6 Aug 2023Woodland Lake, BondurantPolk1
2023-14 Limpkin18 Aug 2023FolletsClinton1
2023-17 Limpkin27 Aug 2023Mississippi RiverDubuque1
2023-21 Limpkin15 Sep 2023Morehead ParkIda1
2023-22 Limpkin15 Sep 2023Annett Nature CenterWarren1
2023-23 Limpkin15 Sep 2023Bacon CreekWoodbury1
2023-24 Limpkin25 Oct 2023Sioux CenterSioux1
2023-27 Limpkin22 Aug 2023Red Haw State ParkLucas1
2023-28 Limpkin17 Sep 2023Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2023-29 Limpkin28 Oct 2023Little River Recreation AreaDecatur1
2023-30 Limpkin31 Oct 2023Big Creek State ParkPolk1
2023-31 Limpkin5 Nov 2023Heron BendLee2