Records of Limpkin

All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 0 of the past 10 years

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1981-FG Limpkin11 Oct 1885unknownJohnson1
1981-FI LimpkinCA 1890HillsboroVan Buren1
1981-FJ Limpkin1899unknownLinn1
1981-FK Limpkin11 Jul 1899Fort DodgeWebster1
1981-FL Limpkin< 1907unknownBlack Hawk1
1981-FM Limpkin< 1907KeokukLee1
1981-FN Limpkin5 May 1914SigourneyKeokuk1
1981-FO Limpkin1 Oct 1925SigourneyKeokuk1
1981-FP Limpkin17 May 1952Fisher's LakePolk1
1981-FQ LimpkinSU 1959Broken Kettle CreekPlymouth1
1981-FR Limpkin13 May 1961Cone MarshLouisa1
1981-FS Limpkin5 Oct 1962Broken Kettle CreekPlymouth1
1981-FT LimpkinSP 1968unknownMarion1
1981-FU Limpkin18 May 1970Goose LakeGreene1
1981-13 Limpkin29 Aug 1981Cone MarshLouisa1
1982-06 Limpkin24 Apr - 1 May 1982Hendrickson MarshStory1
1982-07 Limpkin6 May 1982Sycamore SloughJohnson1
1987-10 Limpkin11 May 1987DixonScott1
1989-15 Limpkin15 May 1989Zirble SloughCerro Gordo1
1989-29 Limpkin8 Oct 1989McBreen MarshDickinson1
1981-FH Limpkin1989BurlingtonDes Moines1
1990-26 Limpkin15 Sep 1990Cone MarshLouisa1
1991-08 Limpkin8 May 1991Cone MarshLouisa1
1992-16 Limpkin26 Apr 1992Carney MarshPolk1
1994-23 Limpkin12 Jul 1994State Line MarshKossuth1
2004-18 Limpkin4 May 2004Davis CityDecatur1
2004-42 Limpkin12 Oct 2004Hawkeye WAJohnson1
2005-36 Limpkin11 Jul 2005DewittClinton1
2010-10 Limpkin28 May 2010Union Slough NWRKossuth1
2011-10 Limpkin24 Apr 2011Sycamore BottomsJohnson1
2011-23 Limpkin27 May - 2 Jun 2011Hoosier CreekJohnson4
2016-08 Limpkin29 Apr 2016North side County Rd. E53 between Hiway 25 & County Rd. N58Greene1
2016-29 Limpkin21 Oct 2016114th ave. off county road 99, east of WapelloLouisa1