Records of White-tailed Kite

White-tailed Kite — 2017-05
© Larry Reis
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 2 of the past 10 years

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1989-26 White-tailed Kite18 Sep 1989Otter Creek M.Tama1
1991-04 White-tailed Kite13 May 1991near NorwalkWarren1
2006-18 White-tailed Kite22 Apr 2006New AlbinAllamakee1
2007-04 White-tailed Kite9 Jan 2007near Davis CityDecatur1
2017-05 White-tailed Kite18 Apr 2017Cardinal MarshHoward1
2017-38 White-tailed Kite23 May 2017Sand Creek Wildlife AreaDecatur2
2019-10 White-tailed Kite19 May 2019Saveraid family property south of WintersetMadison3