Records of Evening Grosbeak

Evening Grosbeak — 2021-01
© Tony Moline
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 4 of the past 10 years

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2006-28 Evening Grosbeak16 May 2006Willowglen NurseryWinneshiek1
2008-54 Evening Grosbeak21 Dec 2008MuscatineMuscatine1
2010-45 Evening Grosbeak13 Oct 2010Mason CityCerro Gordo1
2012-46 Evening Grosbeak24 Nov 2012AnkenyPolk1
2012-50 Evening Grosbeak10 Nov 2012228 W. 21st St. CarrollCarroll1
2012-51 Evening Grosbeak7 Nov 20123911 Greencastle Ave., SW, Oxford, IAJohnson1
2012-54 Evening Grosbeak19 Nov 20122753 333rd Ave, RidgewayWinneshiek1
2013-AD Evening Grosbeak14 Dec 20123838 Hobson Ave., DavenportScott1
2018-08 Evening Grosbeak24-25 Feb 20183004 Ross RoadStory2
2018-11 Evening Grosbeak18 Apr 2018OskaloosaMahaska1
2018-12 Evening Grosbeak22 Apr 2018private residenceMuscatine2
2018-41 Evening Grosbeak9 May 20181219 Wisconsin Ave. Ames, IAStory1
2020-57 Evening Grosbeak1 Nov 2020Near Hartman PreserveBlack Hawk1
2020-58 Evening Grosbeak1,2 Nov 2020Home feeders (Private location)Des Moines2
2020-59 Evening Grosbeak9, 10 Nov 2020115 LAKEVIEW DRIVE, MASON CITY, IWOACerro Gordo1
2020-60 Evening Grosbeak17 Nov 20203524 Cumberland Ridge Rd. NE, North Liberty, IA 52317-9328Johnson1
2020-62 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 2020Port Louisa NWRLouisa1
2021-01 Evening Grosbeak9 Jan 20218771 Route 52 SDubuque4
2021-04 Evening Grosbeak18 Jan 2021Saylorville Reservoir - Jester Park 1. 41°47'01.1"N 93°47'19.0"WPolk1
2021-10 Evening Grosbeak20 Mar 2021Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2022-01 Evening Grosbeak2 Jan 2022RingstedEmmet1
2022-58 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 2022LisbonLinn1
2022-59 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 2022Woodland Lake, Bondurant, IAPolk1
2022-60 Evening Grosbeak30 Oct 202241.45493935173345, -90.87934373780074Muscatine1
2022-61 Evening Grosbeak1 Nov 2022Ames, along College Creek near Ames Middle SchoolStory1
2022-62 Evening Grosbeak2 Nov 2022Colfax Jasper1
2022-63 Evening Grosbeak3 Nov 2022Lake Meyer ParkWinneshiek1
2022-64 Evening Grosbeak3 Nov 2022Ulrike Grimaldi's yardPolk1
2022-65 Evening Grosbeak4 Nov 2022HillsJohnson1
2022-66 Evening Grosbeak4 Nov 2022Iowa State University Horticulture Research Station Story1
2022-71 Evening Grosbeak6 Nov 2022Algona backyard feederKossuth1