Records of Hoary Redpoll

Hoary Redpoll — 2006-64
© Ann Johnson
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 4 of the past 10 years

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2004-06 Hoary Redpoll16 Feb 2004GarnavilloClayton1
2005-14 Hoary Redpoll26 Feb 2005Clear LakeCerro Gordo1
2006-64 Hoary Redpoll16 Dec 2006 - 19 Feb 2007Brenton ArboretumDallas10
2009-01 Hoary Redpoll31 Jan to 15 Feb 2009Mason CityCerro Gordo3
2012-05 Hoary Redpoll11 Feb 2012Storm Lake CemeteryBuena Vista1
2013-01 Hoary Redpoll4 Jan 2013field immediately North of the beginning of Silver Creek Rd where it intersects with Highway 52, eight miles North of DecorahWinneshiek1
2013-05 Hoary Redpoll26 Jan 2013Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2013-06 Hoary Redpoll26 Jan 2013Red Rock ReservoirMarion1
2013-07 Hoary Redpoll16 Feb 2013Curt Nelson farmCerro Gordo3
2013-25 Hoary Redpoll10 Mar 2013Saylorville ReservoirPolk1
2013-26 Hoary Redpoll13 Mar 20132 miles south of BelmondWright1
2013-27 Hoary Redpoll21 Mar 20138 mi southeast of RicevilleHoward1
2016-33 Hoary Redpoll7 Apr 2016212 5th Ave. SE, Badger, IowaWebster1
2018-01 Hoary Redpoll13 Jan 2018neighbor's yardClay1
2018-02 Hoary Redpoll29 Jan 20182925ft (892m) E of P66/A21 (220th Ave/470th St) abt 7.25mi ENE of Ledyard, IAKossuth1
2018-03 Hoary Redpoll11 Jan - 17 Feb 2018backyard in Arthur Heights subdivisionDickinson2
2018-04 Hoary Redpoll21 Feb 2018 Warren1
2018-09 Hoary Redpoll18 Mar 2018Oak Grove Recreation AreaPolk1
2022-02 Hoary Redpoll25 Jan 2022LaPorte CityBlack Hawk1
2022-04 Hoary Redpoll4 Mar 2022Oakland Cemetery, Brown Street, Iowa City, Iowa (ebird hotspot) Johnson1