Records of Painted Bunting

Painted Bunting — 2006-22
© Don Poggensee
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 6 of the past 10 years

Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

1981-EX Painted Bunting30 May 1956Fort Defiance S. P.Emmet1
1987-06 Painted Bunting6 Jan 1987BettendorfScott2
2001-13 Painted Bunting12 May 2001Arney Bend W.A.Marshall1
2011-AA Painted Bunting16 Jun 2005North of Denison, IowaCrawford1
2006-22 Painted Bunting7-28 May 2006Brookside P., AmesStory10
2007-19 Painted Bunting8 May - 21 Jul 2007Brookside Park, AmesStory2
2012-AA Painted Bunting1 May 2007ChesterHoward1
2008-08 Painted Bunting12-25 May 2008Brookside Park, AmesStory2
2011-15 Painted Bunting12 May 2011Dunbar SloughGreene2
2013-14 Painted Bunting9 May 2013My house,601 Church St. ShenandoahPage1
2014-13 Painted Bunting5-6 May 2014Saint CharlesMadison1
2015-17 Painted Bunting7 Jun 20153226 Dows Williams Road, Williams, Iowa 50271Wright1
2018-14 Painted Bunting9 May 20182046 roundtable road, sergeant BluffWoodbury1
2018-24 Painted Bunting8 Aug 2018ada hayden heritage parkStory7
2019-20 Painted Bunting13 Jun 2019BackyardPlymouth1
2020-15 Painted Bunting2 May 20201025 Penkridge Dr, Iowa City, Iowa 52246Johnson3
2022-20 Painted Bunting22 Apr 2022OskaloosaMahaska1
2022-23 Painted Bunting30 Apr 2022BettendorfScott1
2022-38 Painted Bunting16 Jun 2022146th at Red Rock LakeMarion1
2023-09 Painted Bunting11 Jul 2023Private residence - "fide" Clayton Will for Calvin LangschwagerWoodbury1