Records of Black-headed Grosbeak

Black-headed Grosbeak — 2011-12
© Ann Johnson
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 4 of the past 10 years

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2003-01 Black-headed Grosbeak26 Jan - 2 Feb 2003southwest of DanvilleDes Moines5
2004-17 Black-headed Grosbeak1 May 2004Iowa CityJohnson1
2004-23 Black-headed Grosbeak26 May 2004Hitchcock NAPottawattamie1
2005-06 Black-headed Grosbeak29-30 Jan 2005GarnavilloClayton2
2005-30 Black-headed Grosbeak25 May 2005Hitchcock NAPottawattamie1
2009-15 Black-headed Grosbeak13 May 2009Story CityStory1
2009-16 Black-headed Grosbeak14 May 2009Elk Creek RoadWoodbury1
2009-17 Black-headed Grosbeak14 May 2009Sycamore BottomsJohnson1
2009-21 Black-headed Grosbeak17 May 2009Spark's Cemetery AreaBoone1
2009-22 Black-headed Grosbeak17 - 18 May 2009Sioux CityWoodbury1
2009-24 Black-headed Grosbeak19 May 2009Sioux CenterSioux1
2010-05 Black-headed Grosbeak15 May 2010HumboldtHumboldt1
2010-14 Black-headed Grosbeak4 June 2010s. of AkronPlymouth1
2011-12 Black-headed Grosbeak6 - 7 May 2011rural NorwalkWarren2
2011-22 Black-headed Grosbeak20-23 May 2011rural BoonevilleMadison1
2012-10 Black-headed Grosbeak4 May 2012About 1/3 of a mile north of 290thCarroll1
2014-14 Black-headed Grosbeak9-10 May 2014backyardClay1
2014-26 Black-headed Grosbeak20 Jun 2014Power wire along roadMuscatine1
2016-12 Black-headed Grosbeak11 May 2016Spruce Ave, RR Mason City, IowaCerro Gordo4
2018-30 Black-headed Grosbeak22 Aug 2018Neal Smith NWRJasper1
2021-33 Black-headed Grosbeak16 May 2021Bacon Creek ParkWoodbury1
2021-50 Black-headed Grosbeak24 Aug 2021Stone State ParkWoodbury1
2022-14 Black-headed Grosbeak1 May 2022810 L Ave, Boone, IABoone1
2022-28 Black-headed Grosbeak13 May 2022Welsh LakeDickinson1