Records of Western Tanager

Western Tanager — 2019-06
© Kathi Cunningham
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.

recorded in 9 of the past 10 years

Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

2000-13 Western Tanager1 May 2000Parker's Woods/McNider WoodsCerro Gordo1
2004-16 Western Tanager29 Apr -1 May 2004Oak Lake, AlgonaKossuth1
2005-25 Western Tanager11-17 May 2005Mason CityCerro Gordo3
2005-27 Western Tanager15 May 2005Hickory Hill Park, Iowa CityJohnson2
2005-44 Western Tanager17 Aug 2005Hitchcock NAPottawattamie1
2007-21 Western Tanager20 May 2007Oak Grove ParkSioux1
2007-27 Western Tanager16 May 2007rural RuthvenPalo Alto1
2009-14 Western Tanager9 - 10 May 2009CherokeeCherokee2
2009-19 Western Tanager15 May 2009Shellrock GreenbeltCerro Gordo2
2010-AC Western Tanager25 May 2009Missouri ValleyHarrison1
2010-13 Western Tanager9 May 2010Credit IslandScott1
2013-18 Western Tanager11 May 2013Mason CityCerro Gordo2
2013-28 Western Tanager12 May 2013SpencerClay1
2014-09 Western Tanager24 Apr 201436504 200th Ave- our backyardWinnebago1
2014-22 Western Tanager2 May 2014My YardDickinson1
2015-12 Western Tanager21 May 2015My YardDickinson1
2016-10 Western Tanager5 May 2016Ledges State ParkBoone1
2017-11 Western Tanager30 Apr 2017Jester ParkPolk1
2017-12 Western Tanager1 May 20171220 Scott Ave Ames, IAStory3
2017-13 Western Tanager3 May 2017Saylorville Visitor CenterPolk1
2017-18 Western Tanager7 May 2017Larry Piatts feeder Centerville, is.Appanoose1
2018-43 Western Tanager16 Dec 2018Mason CityCerro Gordo1
2019-06 Western Tanager5-7 May 201921429 620th NevadaStory1
2019-09 Western Tanager18 May 2019Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge, near base of stairs along Loop trail below Visitor's CenterLouisa1
2020-18 Western Tanager7 May 2020Saylorville Visitor CenterPolk1
2020-20 Western Tanager10 May 202048 Lakeview Court Mason CityCerro Gordo2
2020-25 Western Tanager28 Apr 2020Bacon Creek ParkWoodbury1
2020-43 Western Tanager6 Sep 2020JohnstonPolk1
2021-26 Western Tanager9 May 2021Johnston yardPolk1
2021-37 Western Tanager29 May 2021Shellrock GreenbeltCerro Gordo1
2022-11 Western Tanager29 Apr 2022Dakota CityHumboldt1
2022-12 Western Tanager30 Apr 2022 Polk1
2022-34 Western Tanager30 May 20226 miles north of MeridenCherokee1