Records of Yellow-billed Loon

Yellow-billed Loon — 2019-29
© Mark Brown
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 4 of the past 10 years

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1988-10 Yellow-billed Loon13 Nov 1988Clear LakeCerro Gordo1
1999-04 Yellow-billed Loon18 Apr 1999Clear LakeCerro Gordo1
1999-30 Yellow-billed Loon2-21 Dec 1999Little Wall Lake (also Hallett's Quarry, Story)Hamilton7
2006-56 Yellow-billed Loon13 Nov 2006Spirit L.Dickinson2
2007-58 Yellow-billed Loon28-30 Nov 2007Saylorville Res.Polk4
2008-26 Yellow-billed Loon15-19 July 2008between Traer and GladbrookTama1
2020-AE Yellow-billed Loon11 May 2013Martin Lake, Waterloo, ABlack Hawk1
2017-34 Yellow-billed Loon7 Nov 2017State Park Beach, Clear Lake, IACerro Gordo2
2018-18 Yellow-billed Loon24 May 2018Jensen MarshMadison3
2019-29 Yellow-billed Loon12 Aug - 30 Sep 2019County Road D46 at East pullout on top of the Brushy Creek dam.Webster8
2020-66 Yellow-billed Loon14 Dec 2020Big Creek LakePolk3
2022-06 Yellow-billed Loon1 Apr 2022Big Creek State ParkPolk1
2023-03 Yellow-billed Loon21 Apr 2023Clear Lake State ParkCerro Gordo1