Records of Prairie Warbler

Prairie Warbler — 2019-08
© James Forde
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 7 of the past 10 years

Not accepted records are shown in red. The camera icon denotes photos and the news icon provides further details on the record.

2006-36 Prairie Warbler20 May -11 Jul 2006Pleasant Creek RABenton3
2006-37 Prairie Warbler7 Jun 2006Croton Unit - Shimek SFLee1
2007-16 Prairie Warbler7 May - 20 Jun 2007Pleasant Creek SRALinn3
2007-18 Prairie Warbler14 May 2007Geode SPHenry1
2007-31 Prairie Warbler4 May 2007Mason CityCerro Gordo1
2008-05 Prairie Warbler2 May 2008Nine Eagles SPDecatur1
2008-41 Prairie Warbler6 Sep 2008Brushy CreekWebster1
2010-AA Prairie Warbler3 May 2008Robison Wildlife AcresStory1
2020-AD Prairie Warbler30 May 2008Bacon Creek ParkWoodbury1
2010-09 Prairie Warbler17 May 2010Morehead ParkIda1
2011-14 Prairie Warbler11 May 2011Knapp WMADallas1
2013-22 Prairie Warbler4 Jun 2013Shimek SF/Croton UnitLee2
2013-24 Prairie Warbler15 Jun 2013Eldon WMADavis1
2021-AA Prairie Warbler1 May 2014Martin LakeBlack Hawk1
2016-27 Prairie Warbler28 Aug 2016Neal Smith NWRJasper1
2017-07 Prairie Warbler6 May 2017Brookside Park, Ames, IowaStory1
2017-17 Prairie Warbler7 May 2017Stephens State Forest 1000 acresMonroe7
2017-20 Prairie Warbler2 Jun 2017Rotory Park RoadFloyd1
2018-15 Prairie Warbler13-28 May 2018Croton Unit, Shimek State ForestLee2
2019-08 Prairie Warbler13-17 May 2019Croton Unit, Shimek State ForestLee4
2019-11 Prairie Warbler22 May 2019Trestle Trail, NW Des MoinesPolk1
2019-13 Prairie Warbler19 May 2019FDR ParkDubuque2
2020-14 Prairie Warbler1 May 2020Shimek State Forest, Croton West UnitLee3
2021-31 Prairie Warbler13 May 2021Shimek SF - Croton UnitLee6
2022-21 Prairie Warbler26 Apr 2022Devil's Glen/Hollowview WalkScott1
2022-22 Prairie Warbler27 Apr 2022Saunders ParkHenry1
2022-25 Prairie Warbler5 May 202242*05’43” N 91*17’80’WJones1
2022-29 Prairie Warbler14 May 2022Near Wildcat Den State ParkMuscatine1
2022-32 Prairie Warbler28 May 2022Shimek State Forest Croton Unit 130th AccessLee1
2022-33 Prairie Warbler30 May 2022Chichaqua Bottoms Greenbelt, south of 118th St. along the creek/drainage ditchPolk4