Records of Common Raven

Common Raven — 2014-50
© Aaron Brees
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 3 of the past 10 years

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2000-10 Common Raven29 Apr 2000Spirit LakeDickinson1
2003-05 Common Raven26 Apr 2003Pammel SPMadison1
2004-08 Common Raven22 Feb 2004west of ChurchtownAllamakee1
2016-AA Common Raven3 Jan 2004WhitingMonona1
2005-51 Common Raven23 Sep 2005n. of Storm LakeBuena Vista1
2007-49 Common Raven9 Nov 2007Hitchcock NAPottawattamie1
2007-63 Common Raven14 Dec 2007AmesStory1
2010-07 Common Raven22 May 2010Intersection of Hwy 2 and M16Fremont1
2014-50 Common Raven8-25 Nov 2014Big Creek Spillway on Saylorville ReservoirPolk6
2017-35 Common Raven24 Oct 2017Broken Kettle GrasslandsPlymouth1
2020-48 Common Raven28 Sep 2020Palisades ParkWinneshiek1
2023-10 Common Raven20 Jul 2023Magnolia Rd. & 315th St. 41°53'46.8"N 93°53'45.2"WBoone1
2023-12 Common Raven6 Aug 2023Liberty Cemetery, 315th St. & Magnolia Ave.Boone1