Records of Say's Phoebe

Say's Phoebe — 2016-04
© Paul Roisen
All photos from Iowa. * indicates no specific record.
recorded in 5 of the past 10 years

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1992-25 Say's Phoebe16 May 1992Cone MarshLouisa1
1994-51 Say's Phoebe17 Dec 1994L & S QuarryAppanoose1
2001-09 Say's Phoebe20 Apr 2001Mason CityCerro Gordo3
2002-10 Say's Phoebe14 Apr 2002FairfieldJefferson1
2010-AD Say's Phoebe18 Jun 2009Saylorville Res.Polk1
2010-16 Say's Phoebe1 - 21 July 2010Freda Hafner PrairieDickinson5
2012-09 Say's Phoebe18 Apr 2012OnawaMonona1
2013-13 Say's Phoebe4 May 2013Sweet MarshBremer3
2013-15 Say's Phoebe9 May 2013Ada Hayden Heritage ParkStory1
2014-10 Say's Phoebe15 Apr 2014Greenbelt LakeBlack Hawk1
2014-54 Say's Phoebe12 Dec 2014Stony Hollow Rd and 105 ave.Des Moines1
2015-32 Say's Phoebe27 Dec 2015Broken Kettle GrasslandsPlymouth1
2016-04 Say's Phoebe8 Apr 2016Swan Lake State ParkCarroll2
2016-45 Say's Phoebe7 Dec 2016Front yardJefferson1
2018-37 Say's Phoebe26 Oct 2018East of Trout Ave on 265th StUnion1
2022-10 Say's Phoebe27 Apr 2022A field along Walnut Woods Dr. Polk1
2022-17 Say's Phoebe3 May 2022Grundy County LakeGrundy4
2022-43 Say's Phoebe3 May 2022Moeckly PrairiePolk1