Rare Bird Documentation

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Many people find that the most efficient way to do this form is to first write the bulk of their narrative in a text editor application (like Notepad). Then copy-paste works well to avoid problems with time-outs on the web server. Beware of actual word processing like MS Word which frequently uses some strange formatting characters.

The form is arranged to take you through several small steps, one at a time. Besure to complete it in its entirety so that everything is recorded properly. When you click on the "Finish" button you will have the opportunity to immediately get a printable copy of your document.

If you will be submitting photos, prepare them before starting by naming them with the photographer's name and a numeral; i.e., Smith1.jpg, Smith2.jpg, Brown1.jpg, etc. You will be able to upload them at the end of this process. You might also consider scanning and uploading your field notes as either a *.pdf or *.jpg file. Original field notes can often be very helpful to the committee in evaluating a record.

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Other Observers Present OR Known - add (photos) behind the name if you are aware of additional photos which may be of interest to the Records Committee